0000's The 9th Century BCE 800s BC
890s -
892 Megacles, King of Athens, dies after a reign of 30 years and is succeeded by his son Diognetus.
891 Tukulti-Ninurta II succeeds his father Adad-nirari II as king of Assyria.

884 Ashurnasirpal II succeeds his father Tukulti-Ninurta II as king of Assyria.
870s -
879: Samaria (formerly Shechem) rebuilt as capital of Israel.
860s -
King Ahab marries Jezebel, the Phonecian Princess of Tyre

853 Battle of Qarqar. Ahab of Israel, Ben Hadad of Damascus, and Irkhuleni of Hamath lead an allied army to halt Shalmaneser III's advance; supported by Egypt and Jehoshaphat of Judah

842: Jehu, an Israelite soldier, leads a rebellion against Ahab's son Jehoram, founding a new dynasty in Israel. (Depicted above paying tribute to Assyrian Shalmaneser III)
c. 820 Legendary Lycurgus creates the Constitution of Sparta. Plutarch's biography of Lycurgus
814: The Phoenicians found Carthage
810: Queen Shammuramat (the Semiramis of legend) rules Assyria as regent for her son Adad-nirari III.
804 Adad-nirari III of Assyria conquers Damascus.

1st Millineum BC 800s BC