0000's The 2nd Century BCE 100s BC

190s -
200-197: 2nd Macedonian War caused by appeals for aid to Rome by Pergamum, Rhodes and Athens from Philip V of Macedonia, who is def at Cynoscephalae
200-190 War with Gauls in Upper Italy leads Rome to build Via Aemilia as extension of the Via Flaminia.
198 Greek Selucid empire expands.
196: Flamninus declares independence of Gk states at the Isthmian Games
194: Romans leave Greece.
192-188: Romans, under Consul Manlius Vulso, defeat Antiochus  III the Great, at Thermopylae 191 and under L. Cornelius Scipio & Scipio Africanus, at Magnesia 190, then attack the Celts and subjugate them.

180s -
189: Aetolian League def by the seizure of Ambracia
188: Peace of Apamea: Antiochus pays war reparations and cedes Asia Minor possessions to Rhodes and Pergamum; Rome mistress of the Eastern Mediterranean.

170s -

171-168 3rd Macedonian War

160s -

169: Selucid King Antiochus IV Epiphanes captures Jerusalem.
167 Beginning of Maccabean War of Liberation against Antiochus IV Epiphanes.
164: Maccabeans recapture City of Jerusalem.

150s -

146 Roman general Scipio Africanus Minor captures and razes Carthage, enslaves inhabitants. The city ceases to exist

out3.gif (96 bytes) 130s
133 Popular Tribune Tiberius Gracchus attempts settlement of proletarians by allocation of public lands and distribution of the royal treasure of Pergamum.   Tiberius slain during attempt to secure illegal 2nd term as a Tribune.

123: renewal of land-reform law by Sempronius Gracchus fails due to opposition by both Senate and plebians to citizenship for Italic allies and full citizenship for Latins.
121: Aventine hill occupied by supporters of Gracchus, who are routed prompting Gracchus' "suicide".

out1.gif (96 bytes) 110s 
113-105: The Jugurthine War
113: Defeat of Romans by Cimbri and Teutones at battle of Noreia prompts the Army Reform by Marius
113-101 War against the Cimbri and Teutones
112: Jugurtha defies Senate, which had partitioned Numidia by seizing Cirta.

out0.gif (100 bytes) 100s
105 Jugurtha surrenders to Sulla and part of Numidia (Algeria) becomes Roman Province
102 Marius defeats the Teutones at batlle of Aquae Sextae
101 Marius defeats Cimbri at batlle of Vercellae
100: Land-settlement of veterans supported by Marius (in his 6th Consulship) rejected by Optimates, Senators and equestrians subdue revolt.

1st Millennium BC 100s BC

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